The best website ever, help you finish a 60 questions "take-home" exam in 15 minutes.
Person x:"Dude, what's an Isotope?

Person y:"Google it dumbass"

"List at least five synonyms, antonyms, related words and misspellings, separated by commas."

*Open Google Chrome,, Search for Synonyms for google"
by HideYOURwifeHIDEyourKIDS September 25, 2010
The act of searching the internet for an answer to a question or to define a word or phrase.
Danny didn't know what a sequin was so he went to the computer to google it.
by Danny Kebb September 12, 2010
Weird little girl stalker from next door. Likes to wear pyjamas and slippers while she looks in your window.
That weirdo googles is looking through the letter box again
by rennickman April 28, 2010
NOUN: Refers to, the most popular search engine used by virtually every internet user. You can use it to find, well, pretty much anything.

VERB: To search something on (often times to find out what something is).
NOUN: "I found a great site on Google for cheap cell phone accessories!"

VERB: "What is an Australian Kiss? Aw, nevermind, I'll just Google it."
by $$ARAH. January 03, 2010
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