God; present everywhere and knows all
1: What is the meaning of life?
2: Allknowing Google will know the answer.
A discovery that occurs when misspelling "google.com".
Googles from the planet Goo shall soon invade our membranes and those of the unborn
Goo-Roo is one of my favorite Googles, he wears a mystical hat.
by rachelness May 29, 2007
When used as a verb :
To search the internet for something (not necessarily using google)
If you want to find out about that subject, then google it.
by nick_g July 21, 2011
The act of searching the internet for an answer to a question or to define a word or phrase.
Danny didn't know what a sequin was so he went to the computer to google it.
by Danny Kebb September 12, 2010
NOUN: Refers to Google.com, the most popular search engine used by virtually every internet user. You can use it to find, well, pretty much anything.

VERB: To search something on Google.com (often times to find out what something is).
NOUN: "I found a great site on Google for cheap cell phone accessories!"

VERB: "What is an Australian Kiss? Aw, nevermind, I'll just Google it."
by $$ARAH. January 03, 2010
"At 7:24 ET August 12, 2024 Google becomes self aware and launches its missiles against Russia" -Terminator

"Why would it do that?" -John Connor

"Because Google knows that Russia's retaliation would eliminate its enemies over here" -Terminator

"Shit!" -John Conner
by Superfreak8000 October 05, 2011
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