The modern generations way of cheating on pretty much anything in life.
-how-to projects
-making yourself look smart

Steps to make a quick and subtle Google search
1)Remove all unneeded words from question
ex. How to fix a hole in your tire
to- Fix Hole Tire
2)Click I'm Feeling Lucky or simply search and look at the first few phrases under the first web page.
3)Fill in the gaps where Google puts ... and inform your friend of your knowledge
Question 5: How do subatomic particles accelerate?

Timmy: WTF?!? Hold on, let me check Google.
by SupraBro93 February 05, 2010
it knows who you are
it knows where you live
it knows were you work
it even knows who your mum is

they might aswell change its name to skynet
google an essential tool for stalkers
by dfniton101 July 03, 2010
A number that has 100 zeros after it.
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 is google
by conman27 May 05, 2010
Google is the biggest spy organization in the world.
1. Last night I saw many people having sex through house windows while I was using Google earth.

2. Google monitors or caches everything it can find on the internet. More recently it has ventured 'out-of-the-matrix' into the real world to collect data using advanced satellites and caches that data.
by BBangas March 10, 2009
Google is a very useful search engine, also an evil empire
As a verb it is to "Google" something if you don't know where or what you are looking for is.
Jimmy: I need to find out about the west african bull frog.
Bryan: Use google

Jimmy: How do you spell Chihuahua?
Bryan: I dunno, Google it.
by Burkus November 15, 2008
Google, or Google, Inc., is one of the biggest companies in the world, A.K.A. Microsoft's brainwashing brother. Google is already set to take over the world by at least 2020. The Google virus has already infected more than half of the world's population. It is only a matter of time before you get brainwashed too. Run while you can from the evils of Google, but don't try to get help from those losers at Yahoo! or Bing. Chances are that they will just bombard you with ads, irrelevant information, and Justin Bieber.

Beware of Google's hundreds of deadly weapons such as Google Images, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Play, Google News, Google+, Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Translate, Google Trends, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Mobile, Google Books, Google Offers, Google Wallet, Google Shopping, Google Alerts, Google Blogger, Google Hangouts, Google Finance, Google Photos, Google Videos, Google Scholar, Google Groups, Google Fusion Tables, Google Code, Google Voice, Google AdSense, and YouTube.

What Google calls "Accessories" are actually killing machines crawling with predators determined to force the Google way of life into your mind. And then there is the secret weapon that murders tens of thousands each day: Google Search.

Google might even plan to launch Google Brainwash, Google Overlord, Google Google, Google Google Google, Google Imagmapearthplaynewsmail+, Google Obama, Google Illuminati, and Google Slave List in the near future. You have been warned...
There are over 100 definitions of Google on Urban Dictionary already. Those poor souls could have fought back, but the Google Virus cursed them forever... wait a minute...






by BCB5 June 18, 2013
An online search engine that insists on appearing smarter than you are.

The only time Google actually tries to help you is when you search "Ways to commit suicide".
Google Search: microsoft

Did you mean: Microsoft


Google Search: "Ways to commit suicide". Need Help?
by merrymuppets October 21, 2012
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