The best search engine of all time!
Google dominates the competition!
#search engine #dominates #competition #best #awesome
by frieknawesome44 September 08, 2012
Search engine of champions.
Use google to find any porn you need.
#search engine #champions #porn #find #search
by doorknob2 August 07, 2012
misspelt version of googol, the number 1x10^100. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were responsible for the misspeling, and as a consequence, google became the official god of the internet
A: i heard google is a number 1 with 100 zeros following it!
B: oh noo you did it it shall smite us!! AAARRGGHH *flood of 8million results in 0.5 second*
#google #googol #internet #god #iliketitties
by blehmeh February 23, 2012
A verb used to describe searching for something. It has replaced the word search because of the wide spread popularity of the search engine google and can be used to describe searching bing, facebook or even the the index of a book.
Dunno google it.
#google #search #find #search engine #gogle
by george's marvellouse medicine November 20, 2010
Google it.
Not Yahoo!

www. google .com
#google #not #yahoo #search #engine
by RomeoMyHomio June 03, 2010
1) To search for a term or terms using the Google search engine.

2) (search engine) A search engine that currently searches through 8,058,044,651 web pages. Known for generating a few millions of relevant results within a fraction of a second.

3) (company) IT's equivalent to Charlie's chocolate factory.
1) - "What does dissociated vertical deviation means?" -"Don't know, let me google it"

2) The google search engine is the most popular search engine as of this moment, and also the default search engine on Firefox and Chrome browser.

3) Once you try android, google search and gmail, competition's symbian OS, yahoo search and hotmail don't look that appealing any more. Much like an ordinary chocolate compared to one from Charlie's factory.
#google #search #search engine #internet #company
by kurkosdr February 25, 2010
I went to and searched google. I received 3.12billion results in .06 seconds, later my computer imploded.
dont google google im warning you

#google #implode #dumbass #fucktard #yeah
by hypocritical bitch September 16, 2008
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