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a number so high you cant even understand it, sometimes used with plex in it
x:i have a googleplex of pornography from google
Y:you need to get laid
by holyfuckintits August 25, 2007
14 47
the number one followed by 100 zeros.
Holy shit,I just made a google
by Fuck monkey January 15, 2006
19 53
look at google-watch.org
by BEWARE June 12, 2003
21 56
Used to be a great SE. Have not been able to solve their capacity problem despite earning zillions. Fresh, new sites get relegated to the "sandbox" thereby users get old search results.
Sell outs. Google sold out and became g$$gle.
by Bonnie January 26, 2005
19 59
a mixture
there's quite a google of morons on urbandictionary.com
by goo-gl June 27, 2003
20 60
the number 10 raised to the 100th power. is equal to a 1 w/ 100 zeros behind it for all of u dumbasses out there.
a google is a very large number
by Jay May 15, 2003
29 73
paul: the human search engine
i asked google how staples were made and got an answer in less than 2 seconds
by A-Train February 09, 2004
12 57