greater than or equal to god
google ownz yahoo and windows live ass!!!
by hydraulicjj November 08, 2008
Google is my homepage.
I start my FireFox webbrowser and i see Google :-)
by medameda August 23, 2008
It's just God: Revised
Google is the new God.
by nan0 April 19, 2008
To be ogled by a gay person.
Hey man, did that guy over there just google me?
--Yeah, I think he is googling you hardcore.
I bet he wants my cock. I'm going to go give it to him.
by Collegeguy21bi November 28, 2010
1. One of the fastest and most widely used search engines.

2. Slang used by hoes in Subic, Philippines meaning to stick a finger up someone's asshole to make them cum. In Subic US Naval Forces pay hoes by each nut or cum. Pronounced goo-goll.
1. I just used google to find some pregnant porn.
2. Sergeant Jones was taking too long to bust so she googled him so they can finish the transaction.
by slizzerd v May 12, 2010
hazza soar a cry baby (sap)
if u slag him he crys
by STC October 09, 2003
Another word for "Sellout".
Dan: Oh god, Dominoes is totally a Google.
by Coolguy Mcgee January 25, 2009

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