1.Awesome or amazing in an extreme way. See beast, shiznit, intense. Often replaces other words. Especially common when attempting to swear in front of parents.
Dude, Urban Dictionary is so google!

Woah, that ass is google!
by Elhoc October 14, 2008
when spit gets stuck in your throat and you can still talk. aka like a bubble
i have a google in my throat.
by Kelly the Killa August 25, 2008
Originally used to refer to a popular search engine, now, in the UK at least, used to describe any kind of search for anything.
Sam's 'phone number? Hang on, I'll just google my 'phone for it.
by DDD3 September 10, 2006
Masturbate. Partially onomatopoeiaic word (similar to fap fap fap) for masturbation; also derived from ubiquity of both the internet search engine and the act of masturbation.
I spent the whole day at home googling.

You'll go blind if you don't stop googling.

I google myself every day.
by Marvellous Wordsmith November 10, 2010
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