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A kid that I know from Waverwy Minnesota. He also has alot of weaponary, such as swords and knives.
Hey Rensy, stop cheating!
by Jorgey March 06, 2005
The gift Vince McMahon has given to his son-in-law, Triple H. These powers allow him to retain and hold championships for long periods of time. They also give him the power to control RAW.
BAH GAWD!!! Damn Triple H and his DAMN backstage powers!!! - J.R.

How did Triple H beat Randy Orton?
Backstage Powers.
by Jorgey March 05, 2005
The search engine used by George W. Bush and/or any other government official.
George Bush uses "The Google" on the "Internets"
by Jorgey October 27, 2006
This is how you would describe the WWE Superstar, Edge, after his recent heel turn.
Uggh that Edge is such an ass.
Correction, he IS Ass.
by Jorgey March 05, 2005

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