1.The BEST search engine
2.To look for something using the search engine google
3. a one followed by 100 zeros
(#2) I'll google the civil war for you
by Aeon102 May 15, 2004
this word existed before it became a search engine.the real definition of google is to search for something on the internet period. the word originated because there was no word to describe randomly searching for things(except for surfing) on the internet. so the word google was created to describe searching for shit that u might not have a clue how to spell or not sure but you want to know more shit about. so basically you could for example google something on aol or any other search engine.
yo, i used to google on america online long before there was a search engine called google. the word google simply means to search for something your not entirely sure about on the net. regardless of the search engine used. so the word means more than one thing now adays.
by $nowman'$exy April 05, 2010
A sexual move
''I'd like to google your yahoo''
by Sunaki January 01, 2009
v. Another word for ejaculate or cumming

inf. to ejaculate prematurely in one's pants
B-Murph sure googled hard when he was dancing with that chick last night.
by Justice Squad January 31, 2012
When a girl with really big eyes is staring at you.
Yo, dat bitch wit da button eyes is googlin' me son." OR: "Why you all up in my grill, gettin' yo google on?
by transcendental fusion February 05, 2011
v. To touch, bother, fondle, molest in an inappropriate fashion.
Example: John was googled in a crowded subway train.

Example: Someone ran up to the front of the class, googled the professor and left through the back door.
by UofA89 April 28, 2009
Otherwise known as the "iGod".
I pray to thee, Google, that you will find me awesome images of Jessica Alba.
by Pangya February 22, 2009

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