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A state of being in which a person, place, or thing is found via Google.
I don't date men who aren't Googlable.
by SouthernBelle August 02, 2005
An adjective describing something that can be found on google.
Jennifer Aniston is highly googlable.
by Chemal January 23, 2012
All mass, matter, and facts. Anything that you can seach for on the web. Everything!
Toni said to Karye, "We can google that to find out what it how it works, it's googlable."
by Toni Ingle October 14, 2010
someone/something that can be searched on google
My friend is googlable because the local news just interviewed her.
by RosewoodTeacher February 21, 2014
Data is listed in a format that can be searched by Google.
I removed my robots.txt file, so that my website would be googlable.
by sexyhalibut June 03, 2004
Results are listed for someone you're looking up on Google.
I would have sent this information to him, but he's not googlable.
by TKV September 26, 2003
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