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Googin is a term to describe a fisherman who repeated does stupid things while fishing. Or a Fisherman who does not seem to be able to follow simple directions.
I made sure you did not pull a googin move and put a jig into someone, or sinker across someones noggin.

a true jig fisherman would not put clam on the hook targetting cod, Just don't get caught doing it on a Party Boat as you will make yourself look like a googin
by Oceanpro December 25, 2009
A stout young animal, usually of Irish or Italian descent. A Googins diet primarily consists of inexpensive strong beer, burritos, and occasionally - if the mood strikes - Red Lobster.

A Googin will protect it's face with a beard unless it meets a female (see: Gleegan - a veterinarian or a scholar), in which case it will promptly stumble home and shave. Sideburns not included.

You'll often find a Googin "working" in it's toy-filled room, or hoarding James Ready 5.5 in the basements of select Stoney Creek dive bars. You may also find a Googin sitting shotgun in your vehicle, but treasure this opportunity as he will hastily be fast asleep.

A Googin also possess' limited speech. You will often hear a Googin muttering the following sounds:

- Hudgity
- Tiddly
- Shawarma Shawarma Shawarma
- Take a toke
- Eat shit and choke
- Touch base
- Reach out
- Bub
- Bubs
- Chrons
- Chroners
- Dece
"Hudgity, hudgity, hudgity I'm only going out if I can eat me some damn Red Lobster and drink me some fucking 50"

Q: Hey Uncle Parp, want to hang out?
A: Nah. I just pissed my boxers and it got on my signed Hilary Duff picture. Plus, I'm busy organizing my Polly Pockets, bubs.

*Insert friend to friend email*
Reply: Why thank you for reaching out, sir. I appreciate your concern, and value your time. I will touch base with my colleagues. Regards - Googin
by Jergs November 12, 2010
To be well and truely under the influence of extasy,short for googing.
Person 1- Man im fully googin' tonight. these googs are wicked eh.
Person 2- Hell yer my oath they are.
by jamie_ledge July 18, 2006
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