When a male squats over a female and allows his testicals to rest in the eye sockets of a female. He then lays the shaft of his penis over the length of her face as to give her the appearance of "Gonzo" from the muppets.
Last nights party got out of hand when Dave took a picture of Chris gonzo'ing some passed out chic!
by SuperKittyMan July 12, 2011
The act of placing one's testicles over the top of one's penis, so it resembles the Muppet's character, Gonzo.
Scotty gave me the bat wing, so I gave him the ol' Gonzo!
by GoNzO J13 April 02, 2011
Skipping all four play and going all out crazy with sex lasting only 30 seconds to 2 minutes with the end result of the girl getting pregnant
all man i cant believe my cousin went gonzo on his new wife !!
by ZzComputerKillerzZ October 12, 2011
Fished off of everything2.com
(From Hunter S. Thompson) 1. With total commitment, total concentration, and a mad sort of panache. (Thompson's original sense.)
2. More loosely: Overwhelming; outrageous; over the top; very large.
I don't know what the fuck you're doing, but you've changed everything. It's totally gonzo.
by Palfrey November 28, 2002
when your penis has a mild hook shape to the left or right.
"my new boyfriend has a GONZO. It's not that attractive but it hits all the right spots!"
by fister queen October 24, 2011
while a girl is sleeping a man sets his testicles to nest over her closed eyes while simultaneously resting his penis over her nose. with testicles taking the place of eyes and a penis taking the place of the nose the girls facial appearance mirrors that of Muppet's character "Gonzo"
" i was pissed at my girl last night. So while she was i gave her the ol' gonzo and took a pic. now its all over the INTERNET!"
by killuandyomamma January 26, 2010
A penis that, when erect, curves down resembling Gonzo's nose. Curves to the left, or right are also acceptable, if prefixed; ie: Left-gonzo; Right-gonzo.
"Look at the Gonzo on that dude...." I said.
"Yeah. What a Gonz." She replied.
by LONe1 January 10, 2010

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