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(1) To be so absent of common sense, to attempt the most common of tasks is a danger to yourself and all of those around you.

(2) To have a strong scent of pork.

(3) To be unfamiliar with the force of gravity entirely.

(4) To instantly combust when mixed with pure oxygen.

(5) To de-evolve.

(6) To have an uncontrollable urge to to throw feces.
(1) Eckel-eptic subjects are aware of their condition, but when confronted about instances of severe eckel-epsia subjects respond with a blank open-mouth look while in what seems to be a brain-dead state (thought to be attempting to develope an acceptable reasoning for instance in question....no one really knows, process never completed).
by B77 September 18, 2012
When a person is talking absolute and utter annoying nonsense at you, and you can’t get away.
What did he say to you?
Ah nothing he was talking pony.
by b77 March 30, 2015
(1) To perform oral sex on a female while she is defacating.

(2) To inadvertantly reveal a piece of information that is catastrophic to your status in your social circle; to inadvertantly open oneself up to ridicule.
"Would you like to have some Blumpkin Pie" "No thank you, one slip of the tongue and I'm in deep shit!"
by B77 September 16, 2012
To prematurely ejectulate, but recover quickly with another erection to leave your partner satisfied.
She said "Oh, honey, its okay. It happens to every guy", but then I had a Res-Erection!
by B77 September 18, 2012
The act of placing testicles over someones eyes and then placing tip of penis in the mouth. The act resembles the famous muppets character Gonzo.
"my girlfriend was asleep in the chair when I snuck up behind her and gave her the ole Gonzo, she was PISSED!"

*Note-MBH84 Came up with the physical act, name given by B77
by B77 September 20, 2012

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