sought after by trogs
woweeeeeee ive got my claws into a right gomper
by zac dingle January 07, 2004
See Gomping
Your Gran is a right old Gomper
by Skewy December 11, 2003
Worthless, a one trick pony. Taken from Star Wars: A New Hope. When R2D2 and C3P0 are onboard the Jawa's sand crawler, there is a power droid shaped like a mini-fridge with feet. It just hops back and forth on it's feet saying "GOMP GOMP GOMP GOMP GOMP GOMP".
That guy is such a gomper, I can hear him gomping from across town.
by Fourth Doctor May 13, 2005
(n.) According to bisto gravy, a woman who looks like a 50 year old man. Ugly.
Look, she's even got man boobs!

That's my mother.....

by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
A person who is so mentally challenged, they have other people dress them (i.e. striped pants and polka-dot shirt). You probably work with one. See also "ree ree"
John wears gomper shoes.
by geeks January 19, 2004
Alternative spelling: gompa

Obscure insult of dubious origin, recently given a crass crowbar back into public use in a tragically ill-scripted advert for Bisto Gravy.

Conceivably made up by a PR exec with too much time on his hands, hoping to get some kudos for starting a new trend.
You know that tedious 'friend' you have who thought it would be cool to try and coin a new word by overusing it constantly, despite it having utterly no meaning and sounding ridiculous? He's a gompa!
by wooty December 24, 2004

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