Someone who never shuts the fuck up.
Person 1: Ooooohhhhh my Gooooooddddd I hate that girl who sits next to me in AUDIO VIDEO PRODUCTION.

Person 2: Really now? Why's that, old sport?

Person 1: Because she's such a damn gomper!
by Ian Reiyn February 18, 2011
A species of tropical bengal tiger, indigenous to central Kansas which possess an uncanny taste for the private parts of young boys.
"Damn boy! Didjoo hear about that Gompers who attacked at Love Box the other day and chomped off that little boy's sponkey?!"
by Ashton, March 10, 2008
The name of a very cute dog on either extreme end of the size scale, either very large or very small.
(Large Dog)
"Gompers! You put that mailman down right now!"

(Small Dog)
"Oh, who's my cutesy wittle Gompy-poo?"
by Bryan Kim, Lord of Doom December 27, 2004
To insult someone who is stupid to the point where you want to pull your eyes out of your head.
Bernard was so stupid for shitting on a cat..........'He's a facking Gomper!'
by Rampont Rodjer May 20, 2008
Another way to descibe "Camel Toe"
Did you see the gompers on that babe?
by R Zimmerman May 09, 2005
a big sweaty drugged up mess
"oh my god i am one reisty gomper!"
by evile September 06, 2006
According to "bisto" adverts, it would appear to be a word related to "gomping" however, with further insinuations of being butt ugly...
"... her mam's a proper gomper..."
by Quimper December 17, 2003

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