According to "bisto" adverts, it would appear to be a word related to "gomping" however, with further insinuations of being butt ugly...
"... her mam's a proper gomper..."
by Quimper December 17, 2003
Top Definition
A "gomper" is a person who is by all means a true retard. They are recognizable by their cro-magnan like sloped forheads, their mongoloid hands, their glazed/slightly askew/mis-shapen eyes, and their gigantic heads. You can audibly identify a "gomper" by their constant "numb-tounge" lisp. Also, look for perma-spit gushing out of the corners of their mouth, and inssesint window licking.
Hey Tanya, did you see that gomper gimp out of that small bus? He almost stepped in his own puddle of drool.
by jumbypah December 15, 2009
A very/slightly unattarctive member of the opposite sex. That ugly that its really nasty to see. You just want to place your hand abover their head and shout GOMPER!
Someone who was born unlucky ugly and turned out to be a Gomper e.g. "Bloody hell, She's a right gomper"
by Bam West & Som Matton July 22, 2008
A psychedelic song on the Rolling Stones album from 1967 called Their Satanic Majesties Request. It is perhaps the very worst song the Rolling Stones ever recorded. It has never been played live by the band.
When I listen to Their Satanic Majesties Request, the only psychedelic Rolling Stones album, I skip from the seventh track, The Lantern, to the ninth track, 2000 Light Years From Home, because those are both good songs but the one in between them, Gomper, totally sucks.
by PMax March 12, 2008
A person of low intelligence or retarded.It can apply to a male or a female. Gompers may or may not know that they are retarded. The term originates from the Gomper School for the Mentally Challenged in Phoenix, Arizona.
Oh, that dude is such a gomper, he can't even f'in tie his shoes.
by Uncle Che November 19, 2006
1. That shitty-ass Villiger building.
2. Crossreference: see son of a whore
Gompers, you Son Of A Whore!
I have a round in Gompers?!?! FUCK!!!
by Lance Kessler November 23, 2009
A clean-shaven pair of testicles which have been slapped repeatedly by a small, electronic fan having fins made of a soft rubber and dunked into a bowl of melted chocolate, along with those of others who are doing the same.
Chilling one's gompers would result in a tasty delight that would please many.
by gompers February 12, 2011
An exclamitory phrase, used by American History enthusiasts. Originionally came from the name of Samuel Gompers, an advocate for the work force in the late 1800's
Guy 1: Dude, I just figured out that my grandpa died...
Guy 2: Gompers!
by Kolya December 20, 2004
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