GOB stands for "Good Ole' Boys" and is commonly a reference to any white trash, specifically that lives in the country (also see hillbilly or hick)

The G.O.B. is also a street gang centered in Hudson, Ohio. The GOB often fueds with the CMC and the South Side Tear Drop Set (SS TDS) in Hudson. It is believed that "Dirty Dennis" may have been the creator and leader of the GOB in Hudson before his arrest and departure from the state.
If you're going near the skatepark in Hudson, watch out for the GOB.
by Hudson SS TDS O.G. August 13, 2008
1.) Referring to an area in South Tampa (S.O.G.) in the small hood community. It’s another reference for S.O.G. which stands for ‘South of Gandy’ as other slangers in the area now refer to it as ‘Gandy on Back’. Either term revolves around the Port Tampa community which is created by the square land masses (Westshore Boulevard to Gandy Boulevard extending to Bayshore Boulevard and turning onto Interbay Road).
2.) Short for ‘Goons of Baghdad’ which also reflects the South Tampa community as well. Goons of Baghdad refer to born and raised civilians of South Tampa/Port Tampa, dope boys, hustlers, and slangers. Baghdad, which is a certain area in Port Tampa where distribution is common, is coded to prevent police communications (Metro P.C.S. which is a common cell phone but wired tapped phone service which 93% people have a can afford in South Tampa). Goons come from referring a born and raised civilian to the S.O.G. life style. It’s also coded from police communications to prevent someone from saying a government name.
3.) A group in South/Port Tampa known as ‘Get Off Boyz’ which is also named to a specific group in Port Tampa.
All these terms revolve around the South/Port Tampa Community, which can be looked under South Tampa.
1.) Vick: Where you taking that sack man?
Nelly: Going to G.O.B., want to come?

2.) John: Whats good Boone!
Bones: What's good you G.O.B. nigga!
John: All day'erry day!

3.)Brody: Who we is niggas?!
Niggas shout: G.O.B.!
Brody: Dem boyz can't catch up!
by Newport Boo 813 April 03, 2008
to suck
gob my junk
by bruce yeats October 07, 2003
A nerdy egyptian kid
Damn Gob, why don't you just ask Chad Pennington out already?
by Sucka January 03, 2004
The word that me WilsoNnnNNnnnNNN and tomMmMmmMYyy made up and it was a typo for "fob" (fresh off the boat). This word is used as a replacement for fob. because it is way too overused.
Yo he is so gobby, he talks like he just came from china.
by wilson April 15, 2004
gang of bitches
My GOB's are stuntin on yours
by Pullin dem hoes October 16, 2014

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