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Good Punk Band
Gob sings the song "Give up the Grudge" Download it or buy it
by Kelly Nora June 27, 2003
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another word for G.o.d but not saying used in many ways and usedin manly in america
Oh my Gob ohh My Gob
by Your momma is very ugly July 12, 2011
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GOB- Gays Over Bisexuals. This term is most commonly used from Gays who hate when Bisexuals cheat on them with the opposite sex. This acronym was first introduced to the urban society back in 1992 when it was calculated the most homosexuals started to come out of the closet.
John: Why do I like both cocks and bitches?

Craig: Like OMG just choose a side, GOB!
by Twiggg February 15, 2011
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Noun. Pronounced Joeb. Something that if it has to be said out loud, probably isn't true, and by verbalizing it, the speaker undermines exactly what it is saying.

The character George Oscar Bluth (GOB) from Arrested Development would say many phrases that are obviously false and by saying them out loud, it was clear he was lying and the exact opposite was true.

"That's a totally normal size penis" from anyone.

"My boyfriend is head over heels in love with me" from a girl whom was recently told about her boyfriend cheating on her.

Or, to quote GOB from arrested, "And that one's religious. That one gets pregnant, it stays pregnant. I dated a girl like that in high school. No I didn't." The immediate "No I didn't" is a clear Gobism.

May also be considered the noun form of Shakespeare's "The lady doth protest too much."
by E.D. Wagner March 20, 2009
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A mans load in a womans mouth
and i shot gob after hot gob down her throat
by Patrick M Johnson November 12, 2007
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a way to talk about your dude-sauce without anyone else being any the wiser. also good for turning into nicknames
You: Hey John, do you like to play with gob?
John: I guess...
You: Hahahahahaha! Fag!


Chuck is such a friggin melvin that we've nicknamed him gobriella.
by JC Superstar March 12, 2007
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When a white woman has sex with two black men at the same time.
Hey did I tell you about this white chick I met on craigslist? She sucked me off while my friend fucked her. It reminded me of the Gob pastry treat!
by Ravenmare October 15, 2008
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