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two chocolate cake-like cookies with a creamy icing in the middle...(Yost Bakery in Western Pennsylvania)

known as whoopie pies in the New England states
Damn, those gobs are the best!!!
by SSgt J's Wife January 20, 2005
abbreviated version of "GOOD ONE BEC"
originated in australia, by a becgina.
can only be used in the context of a bec saying something totally awesome.
bec: **makes a funny jokes**
everyone else: gob
by ginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa April 06, 2009
Ski racer speak for the uncoordinated weekend masses of crap skiers that chaunce up the hill and get in your way.
(from the chairlift)-- Look at this gob in the blaze orange onesie...nice tuck, sally.
by *vasque keller March 04, 2009
sailor, member of the Navy (U.S.)

very archaic -- originated in WWI, fell out of use post WWII
nothin but gobs and jarheads in that ginmill, stay the hell out!
by squidboi May 04, 2003
A shortening of the word Goblin. A creature commonly found in the pencil and dice game Prisons and Peasants. Gobs are weak creatures that often appear in hordes and drop basic items such as the Gob sword and the Gob shield. These items are low tier and are soon made obsolete by obtaining weaponry at the Richington Armory in Richington, north of the Peasant village. They mostly inhabit the Gob forest (also known as Green forest), but have been known to appear in abandoned mines and Subway restaurants. If you get killed by one of these, you have terrible luck.
Peasant 1: Man, Patty just got killed by a Gob.
Peasant 2: What terrible luck.

Peasant 3: Can I have his Self Esteem points?
Peasant 1: Sure.
by xamaryllix March 02, 2010
Grinding on Bitches Shoes,
I just bought some new gobs, let's go gobbing.
by dragon432 December 28, 2011
short for good ol'fashion bitch
Louis' girlfriend was being a serious gob that day so we bought her a box of gobstoppers.
by cliff johnsen November 14, 2008