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A term inspired by the US comedy series Arrested Development. It refers to one of the show's central characters, 'GOB', an arrogant, shameless, self promoting showman.

In real world terms, "a GOB" is someone who displays the same classless showmanship, such as the lead singer of a pub covers band who thinks he's the greatest thing since Barry White but can't sing to save himself, or a standup commedian who obviously thinks his material is great, when in reality it stinks. Badly.
Me: This is the worst band I've ever seen.
Kate: Yeah, the lead singer's a freakin' GOB.
by Jimmehh September 14, 2005
To drive fast, usually through winding streets, and take corners hard. Refers to multiple Fomula 1 Championship winner Michael Shumacher.
Greg: I can't believe how fast you were going Jimmy. That was total Schumacher.
by Jimmehh September 18, 2005
A nose rogue is a long nose hair that has extended some distance below the nostril and is highly conspicuous and unsightly. It is generally more common in men than women.

It is generally decent for a man to warn another man if he has a nose rogue, but women will not do this unless the man is her boyfriend. Normally a woman engaged in coversation with a man suffering a nose rogue will simply end the conversation quickly to escape.

Note: A nose rogue generally refers to a stray hair, but may also refer to a conspicuous booger.
Bob: I thought you were gonna score with that chick for sure, what happened?
Jimmy: I don't know dude!
Bob: Oh wait, I see it, dude you got a nose rogue.
Jimmy: Aww f*ck!!
by Jimmehh September 14, 2005

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