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The sexual act of dangling the male testicles over the face of the recipient.
Timmy the tea-bagger decided it was time to get personal.
by Willy April 09, 2004
A one-shot-one-kill weapon usable by gaming companies to kill a game. See "awp".
Valve1-0 killed Counter-Strike0-1 with "STEAM"
by Willy January 11, 2004
The period at the end of the month when police act like bastards and give more tickets to fill their quotas. If you come across a female in this situation, you're totally fucked.
Dan: "Dude I'm drivin to Florida tomorrow."
Tim: "Ya well watch out for cops with PMS, it's the 31st."
by Willy March 21, 2005
Oldschool Rap Group

Tribe be flowin ya na mean?
by Willy October 08, 2003
"(i kno who u are by ur choice of songs)"

you are a fag. music isn't defined by how "popular" it is, or by who listens to it (or at least it shouldn't be). Sublime is an awesome band no matter what song they're singin. I like Santeria, What I got, and Wrong Way, although my favorite songs are Ebin, Garden Grove, and April 29. Nevertheless, best ska-punk band out there.
"Man, I could die listenin to Sublime"
by willy April 07, 2005
Japanese auto manufacturer...
introduced to the united states in the 1960s as "Datsun Motor Co." in an attempt to retain the integrity of the Nissan nomenclature in the event that their vehicles were not a sales success in the states. Fortunately they were a huge success, & they changed the Datsun name to Nissan in the USA in 1984.

Pronounced "Nih-san", not "nee-san" as stated elsewhere on this page.
1. Nissan cars are sold in many countries.

2. Boy I dont know about them rice-burning Nee-sans bubba.

3. Yeah my boy got a 86 Nissan Maxima w/ triple-crhome daytons & a kit... shit is straight off the hook playa, bet.
by Willy October 08, 2003
in this place
Damn somethin smell funkier-than-a-muthafucka up in here.
by Willy October 08, 2003

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