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Gira, a greek term used to define a specific specialized organization of members from the "Godavari" Tribe. The "Godavari" represented the term "Language" meaning 'Female leader'. This tribe based itself in South Africa.
The all "female" organization (Gira) really beat up the other tribe. They were NOTHING when they got done with them!
#g #gi #gir #gira #giraa #girl
by Anonomoussss October 23, 2007
GEE-rah (with hard "g"). A delicious, refreshing, sweet, low-alcohol beverage made from fermented bread, the Lithuanian equivalent of Russian kvass. Great to drink on a hot, sticky-humid day! One of the best brands to get is Duonos Gunernija (DWOH-nohss gooh-BAYR-nee-ah), sold in bottles and tall cans. Has a honey taste with slight notes of chocolate. Usually available in stores in Russian neighborhoods, like Riverdale in the Bronx and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, both in New York, and Geary Blvd. in San Francisco, although some nonethnic gourmet food stores might be starting to carry it.
I LOVE gira---it's the most thirst-quenching stuff in the world!
#kvass #chicha #boza #beer #tejj #hooch #moonshine #liquor
by pentozali June 22, 2013
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