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The word "Ginny" is a mysterious grundle girl who lives in caves and sniffs the grundles of passer bys. She has long frazzled black hair of an asian woman, and she looks like a ogre and smells like a grundle. She is the grundle-iest grundle you can ever find, and she is deaf and blind basically a vegitable grundle. She sits in her cave and smokes cheap menthols and grundles it up all day.
Wow, my grundle is really tender; the grundle girl ginny must've been licking it.

Owwwwwwchah. You hit my tender spot in my grundle!

I'm feeling really diseased and grundly.. has ginny been here?
by Derek Randall April 08, 2008
20 80
A likable female that is caring and kind hearted with a goofy streak only her friends really understand. Often thought to be quiet and slightly reserved but really quite the opposite.
(Guy 1) "That girl is really awesome..."

(Guy 2) "That's because she's a Ginny"
by therealmobius February 03, 2010
405 234
Mispelling of guinea, derogatory slang for Italian
"Go 'head, now I'll kill you. You guinea brat you."
- Carlo in The Godfather
by mandingoe April 28, 2004
450 325
a crazy hott chick that gets the best-looking guys and rejects those who are not up to her level
--Did you see the new girl in school?? She is smokin!!!

--Yeah. Her name is Ginny right?
by CrazyHottChick March 25, 2009
334 272
a derogatory term for an italian

also see italian
I am a ginny
by Joe February 11, 2003
274 226
A man who gives up cocaine and crime to follow his dream of becoming a dishwasher to earn money so he can visit cuba.
Ginny Montana "Never forget The World is Yours".
by pussycat tony ctge April 07, 2011
44 42
hilarious awesomest funniest pyroest person allive i love her to death even when she trys to light your bcak yard on fire yo still gotta love her she can always cheer you up no matter what happens always stays by your side love her till the end of time!
aww shes just like ginny! be careful dont give a ginny a lighter!
by taylor howard <333 January 31, 2009
95 102
A small lovable girl that tend to make a mess of everything she eats. Nothing can stay clean with this girl! A girl who you love but damn you wonder how she got her food behind her ears? But you can't help smiling
"Aw you can be just like a Ginny at time....Go clean your room!"
"Ginny how did you get mayple syrup on your lower back?....And on the ceiing?"
by Ginny's big Sister December 28, 2009
60 72