The act of leaving your older wife for a newer, hotter wife; so named after politician Newt Gingrich, who not only did the same to his wife, but also suggested the entire human race should do it by leaving Earth to colonize Mars.
She got the news she had been Gingriched after being served with divorce papers and hearing her soon-to-be-ex-husband left for Mars with his secretary.
by thelongestyards December 23, 2014
The only one who UK will not let to be President of the United States of America, because they know he is an American and the U.S.A economy will hit the Moon if he took the responsibility of that. They use their huge fake media in U.S.A to tell that he cheated his wife, actualy it is the only thing these brains found about him and to UK asking your wife for divorce and marring again is called cheating and dumping. To british people you should hide all your life behind your wife avoiding people to find out that you like weak boys more than anythig in your lie=fe, and all your life should be a cover up with huge amount of depression you just can not dare to change it, like Santorum and Prince Charles : ]
Every American (Human beings) can understand what Gingrich is crying, just be sure the one who media is restricting you to vote is the one you need for your children's future, as Media belongs to UK.Are you blind, Romney Personally Issued Marriage Licenses to 189 Same-Sex Couples. What do you want more?
Romney will be the next traitor UK has chosen for you and your Country. Wake up damned
by wolfpack_free April 28, 2012

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