Vagina CREME` Bitchoch-shoppaholic-moneydebter-fukhead
Origin of the name is Celtic, Old Greek, Latin and Japanese.

Italian: Queen
Old Greek: Noble
Latin: Virgin
Celtic: Lady of the people
Japanese: Silvery
Gina is so charming, beautiful, and outgoing no wonder the people like her.
by Namesrus February 07, 2010
To urinate on one's self. The act can occur during laughter or fear.
She just pulled a Gina and now it looks like her legs cried.
by The KY Dude January 29, 2014
The prettiest girl to ever fall from heaven; She is a country girl, a cool one; She is the coolest girl you will ever meet; She thinks she funny, but she's not; Her laughter will put a smile on anyone's face; She is a kind hearted person; Her cuteness is too much for anyone to handle; Her thigh gap is onpoint; There is little to no doubt that she is still a little girl; She gets scared easily; Be warned, she hates tomatoes and she is very picky with her food; She can be a hater at times; Sometimes she can be a little shady too, but she will always be loved.
I love Gina!
by Baby feifei January 01, 2014
Usally blonde, HOTTEST girl ull evr meet! make sure noootttt to evr let her go. very beautiful. Somtimes mean usally always nice, popular mostly girls bestfriends. Loves boys. and again very hott. big boobs. dont let her go.
DAMN she must be a gina!

is that your girl gina?

My bestfriend is Gina.

How could you let gina go!?
by PurpleshirtBoydude December 02, 2011
Similar to going to- means that something will happen in the future
I'm Gina get milk
Similar to going to- means that something will happen in the future
I'm Gina get milk
Short for Vagina it is a word often used to explain body parts to youngsters as they grow up, it remains a pet name. Pronounced with the 'I' sound.
John is a boy, like daddy, he has a penis, you're a girl like me and have a 'gina.
by aristoteles March 04, 2015
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