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The act of having sexual intercourse while a girl is on her period. Once that is achieved you have earned your "Red Wings". See also: Brown Belt.
There is the red wing master, bow to him, he has done what a lot of men will never do.... SEX ON A PERIOD!!!!
by Ragol August 26, 2008
The term Dillon calls me, I have no idea why he started to call me it but apparently I am the Master of Splooge because I have sex so much? (According to them.) It originates from the word "Splooge" which was a word me and Garrett made up.
Hey splooge master, have you splooged on anything today? - Dillon
by Ragol August 26, 2008
My baby, my one true love. The girl that was meant to be with Daniel forever.
Gina and Daniel will get married and live happily ever after.
by Ragol August 26, 2008
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