An abbreviated and more modern way to say 'vagina'. As the 'ternets continues to rape and pillage the english language, we drop the first couple of letters because who has the time for full words anymore?
The 'ternets is like 90% 'gina
by Ðans January 11, 2009
Gina is the definition of a fat bitchy mole that deserves to be buried 10 feet under with cement.
Girl 1: "Woah what a bitch"

Girl 2:"Nah what a Gina"
by MrAnonymousTheSecond January 25, 2014
My baby, my one true love. The girl that was meant to be with Daniel forever.
Gina and Daniel will get married and live happily ever after.
by Ragol August 26, 2008
A stupid idiot that will suck whatever she needs to get a head in life. Hahaha A dumb bitch with this name is very insecure and paranoid! She has no heart! No emotions! Is more than a bit of psychopath!
GINA- that car was following me all through town and stopped to watch me.
Gina- oh no they can't know where I live!
Gina-I will do ANYTHING and ANYONE to get what I want!
by your nightmare GINA November 10, 2012
the act, or appearnece of looking ugly
ME: damn megan your lookin gina today

MEGAN: i know, i had a rough night
by pauly Tha kid September 28, 2011
A tramp, skunk, ho. She doesn't have any brains and is not that beautiful, so the only thing that characterizes her is her vagina which is the only thing on her body she actively utilises. Gina is short for Vagina.
-Hey how are things going with Bonnie?
-We broke up.
-Why dude??
-She was a total gina, bro. No good.
by mechanicarts November 06, 2011
sometimes pronounced GY-na....short for vagina, is a nomenclature of a woman, or lesbian, (mostly lesbians), who thrive on ego tistical self absorbed nonsense. They usually latch on to the next fun person, and integrate themselves into the circle as if they were there the whole time. They have no backbone nor pride, and think they are the best thing since sliced bread. GYnas are usually short, and masculine-looking and are known for being as attractive to men as testicular cancer.
there goes Gina again, latching onto another unsuspecting victim
by finetag July 19, 2011

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