the party drug GHB, when used in conjunction with Tina(crystal meth)
We hung out with Tina and Gina and partied all night... well it was three days actually.
by anonymous 1 May 19, 2004
is a cunt. is a ginger. dresses like a slag after her boyfriend cheats just to keep him coming. cant sing. cant stay in the sun for too long.. needs spf 1000000..ginger freckles!
Heyy remember that one time gina got cheated on..shan!
by dirtaelewisboy July 07, 2011
Very odd person usally wierd. Pronounced GIna like vagina exept without the va.
Look at that gina graazing
by Im rite ur not yeahhhh November 30, 2010
1. fun part of the female anatomy
2. a person that is indecisive
3. a person that reads into things too much
4. a person that exhibits general girlyness
5. a person that talks about others behind their back
1. Gotta get me some gina
2. Quit being such a gina and just pick one!
3. Ok gina, thats not what i meant.
4. Nice man-purse gina.
5. That gina is always talkin shit about Julie.
by brownkumar December 12, 2006
In Toronto and the greater GTA a gina is the opisite of a gino. A girl usually of Italian desent that tries very hard to be cool. Often found wearing tight clothes, listening to gino beats, giving head, and looking "hot" in their boyfriend's civic.
Do you listen to beats??
Ew, do I look like a Gina to you??
by Lorie December 07, 2004
The root of all evil. Caused the Holocaust, 9/11, the Genocide in Da-four and the Titanic.
That's almost as bad as gina
by Jason404040 December 06, 2010
a vagina, ie; touch my gina
the word gina comes from the ending va-GINA
just shortended down to gina, say out loud give it a try it's soo much better then saying the full on word vagina.
by l-DOUBLE DEE dizzle April 30, 2009

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