Vagina CREME` Bitchoch-shoppaholic-moneydebter-fukhead
usually italian girl (guys are ginos) who are always in their club wear and know where the parties at.
Gina's are sikest broad, especially ones from Woodbridge!
by Gina Bambina February 20, 2005
an insanely hot girl, usually european. very athletic with good body. has a great personality, very friendly and very outgoing. is hard to read but not afraid to share her feelings if your close to her. may seem stuck up but is actually very down to earth.

the girl every girl is jealous of and every guy wants to date!
idk man, must be a gina!
by italianboy101 February 03, 2011
Queen. A beautiful Italian women who always gets her way. Great lover and a hard core hater. Very hot and cold. But no matter what sexy as hell!
You need a real women - you need a Gina!
by February 07, 2010
the name of an incredibly beautiful girl who is perfect in every single way; if a Gina ever comes into your life dont ever let her leave because it'll be the biggest mistake you'll ever make. Gina absolutely gorgeous and loves to have a good time. She may be a little shy at first but once you get to know her you'll realize that she's the greatest thing to ever happen to you and you should treasure her forever because that's just how incredible gina is. She has a perfect figure and turns guys o justas much as she makes them need to be with her. Gina is a tease but a passionate lover; fun but sensative; amazing but, yea amazing! gina is the most beautiful name u will ever hear in your life so treat her like gold, and only good things can happen in return.
Bill: "Hey dude i just met this amazing girl last night!"

Steve: "Oh really? what was she like?!"
Bill: "Dude she was a total Gina"
Steve: "That beautiful?!"
by xoNeverLetGoxo October 16, 2011
1a anything that is not a vagina
1b a beautiful object that is not a vagina
2a a wonderful, beautiful, sweet girl who is the most intelligent, most special person that you will ever meet
2b an incredibly awesome and hilarious person
2c a wonderful girl who is not a vagina or a ginger
3 in case i forgot to mention: not a vagina
1 Did you see that gina? It was obviously not a vagina.
2 Did you see Gina? She's so wonderful, beautiful, sweet, intelligent, special, awesome, hilarious, and non-vagina-ish.
3 What was that? Oh, not a vagina. Okay.
by Jimmy's Son November 27, 2011
She’s cute, but she’s sporty and intelligent too, which enables her to keep quite a few secrets without seeming to. Anyone who she likes is considered lucky, as those who she doesn’t get in trouble with her quite often. She’s nice to her friends and has many guy friends, some of which wish that she was their girlfriend.
I feel quite sorry for the people who aren't lucky enough to be Gina's friends.
by qwertyuiop** May 30, 2011
The coolest person you will ever meet, a hero to many and loved by all. Such awesome Ginas are insanely difficult to find so make sure you love her very much, stay up on bbm and pull an all nighter with her, appreciate her creativity. Gina will make your life exactly 27345588 times better and she can see into the past and present 8) if you would like to order yourself a Gina call this number: 911
Girlfriend: what's wrong?
Boyfriend: you're a psycho bitch, I deserve better
Girlfriend: so what? You're gonna go get a Gina?
Boyfriend: damn straight.
by noginat September 01, 2011
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