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When a guy ejaculates onto another guys gooch, and a girl sucks it off.
"So, last night, I was invited to a Gilchfest. And now my gooch is sticky. Time to hit the showers."
by Moses: Ruler of Mustardland February 18, 2010
When one rubs a cold stick of butter on the area between the rectum and the scrotum till it smells like hot corn.
john: Alex wut did you do last night with Rachel?

Alex: dude i gilched myself till Rachel smelled hot corn
by brokedick101 July 10, 2009
Pure badassness, Period!
Gilch= Steven Segal x Eleventy billion
by roger tetermann February 05, 2010
When one's scrotum is stuck to their inner thigh due to sweating. It will often required peeling the scrotum off of the inner thigh due to the discomfort that it causes.
It is so hot out that I am gilching. I will need to pick that soon.
by Scorpion King May 03, 2008
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