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Nickname for guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, one of the greatest guitarists to have ever walked the Earth.
"Hey, man, I was just listening to Satch; he rocks my socks off!"
by Andrew December 29, 2003
Noun. Short form of "satchel," meaning a bag of marijuana. Some circles will also use "Satchel Paige."
I'm dry, Dog. You know where I can score a satch?
by Lono April 18, 2005
(n) - a recliner, couch, bed, any object used to rest or relax on

(v)- satchin', to satch

To relax or be lazy
(n)- We just got a new satch for our living room

(v)- I really need to satch. I have been satchin' all day
by satchman February 02, 2010
(n) An extremely hairy section on a person's lower back.
OMG, Did you see that guy's satch!

Kim - hey girl, stay away from that guy. I heard he has a satch.

Pat - Dude, my satch feels like a gutter full of sweat its so damn hot out.
by The Original Satch July 19, 2010
verb-satch, to satch, satching

The act of opening a beer(or other alcoholic beverage) at the beginning of a night of drinking and holding that beer for a long period of time, taking an extremely long time to finish it. Usually done to prolong the "getting drunk" process, or to hope noone notices to make you look "cool" because your holding your beer/cup of drink all night.
"Hey have you noticed that Chris has been satching that same Bud Heavy all night?"
by Nightbinger July 25, 2008
to satch, ie: to complain or bitch

also can be inserted for any word
hey quit satching me!


why are you always satching me
by Hunter Ellis May 24, 2005
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