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Gilby is quite simply put, a fucking alcoholic, You know Gilby is drunk when he is seen staring off into space, laughing at nothing.
"look at him laughing at nothing"

"Yeah, what a fucking gilby"
by K-Dawg April 13, 2004
Gilby - A gilby is an action of someone who is inexperienced with chew tobacco. It is defined as one who has a dip in for less that 10-20 minutes, and then takes it out in shame.
A: Hey McFlannery! you're not thinking about taking that dip out are you??

B: Oy I am, I feel a wee bit nausea coming about!

A: Really?! about to Gilby that shit…unreal!
by IIIXIII313 May 29, 2011
The term Gilby originated in South Carolina when a red neck man by the name of Gilby made himself famous by creating the world's most alcoholic moonshine. This moonshine was so alcoholic that it had to be sniffed from the end of a match submerged only a tiny amount into it without breathing in or sniffing any of the large amounts of fumes it would create. Unfortunately, on trying this, Gilby was drunk and he ended up sniffing just one tiny bit of the fumes, resulting in his death.

An alcoholic (or someone who has harmed them self from excessive alcohol consumption) is called a Gilby because of this
Jesus, look a that cunt throwing up everywhere

He's being such a Gilby ...
by Hans Gliedermaus June 10, 2004

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