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-- to equivocate
-- a person prone to equivocation, indecision and starts to talk gibberish before they put their brain in gear.
You don't know what you're talking about and you are a cowardly gibber!
by wclay1 September 10, 2009
A giant butt. Usually well toned and overall very attractive.
Look at the gibber on that girl.

Man, that girl I was dancing with had a gibber.
by Dictionariaste June 26, 2011
Gibbers deriving from gibbering, deriving from shivering. Meaning to shiver or be cold within ones surroundings.
Glynn gibbered his frosty bum hole off.

Im gibbers, said the hooker!
by Gibbering Cindy August 28, 2008
To speak nervously in a incomprehensibly fast, jumbled and inarticulate manner.
He can barely gibber his way through a conversation with a woman.
by OneBadAsp November 02, 2006
To fuck goats
I gibbered Betsy
by PD October 15, 2003
Someone who engages bestiality.
1. Farmer Giles has been getting upset for the past few months, there's been a gibber bothering the sheep.

2. Martin lives in London, but likes to leave London for a weekend of gibbing.
by Bogdanovic February 03, 2007
Another name for a newbie who can't play TFC, gets killed a lot and cries about it
Wow I just pulled a Gibber!
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
A stupid stick figure in some famous Larry and Gibber stories.usually says random things and is stupid.Gibber can be used to refer to a stupid random person.
1.Man, you're such a Gibber.
2.Hey look its Gibber again!!
by coolerthanyourface March 08, 2006