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A fusion, in equal parts, of chill and relax
chillax dude, I'll buy you another car.
by Sar November 21, 2004
ROTC does nothing but prepare THEMSELVES for the military, CAP does emergency services, search and rescue, aerospace education..etc. While you guys are marching around on power trips and deciding who has the shiniest boots, we're out learning to fly, locating downed aircraft, and going to special schools that qualify us to make a difference. CAP encampment is our equivalent of your Army ROTC Bootcamp and a prereq for Ranger School, Blue Beret, and several other elite programs. I would love to see our drill-teams show down. And as far as being 'wanna-bes'..who's a wannabe? the guy who isnt yet in the service, but kisses his commanding officer's ass for that recomendation, or the volunteers who actually have authorization to assist in military maneuvers? Ur not yet a soldier so dont get all big and bad and secondly, the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and USMC, really appreciate what we do, so we could care less about your whiny opinion.
No such thing as a bad NROTC cadet or Marine option cadet?? yea, cause you all equally suck..i'll admit we get some bad cadets, but they sure dont make it very far.
by SAR March 26, 2004
He is dark & handsome, sexy, and very intelligent. He attracts people with his genuine eyes and smile. Anyone who knows a Rewdy is extremely lucky!
I am so in love with Rewdy!
by SAR January 29, 2004
meant to signify 'indeed' but in a more amusing manner...comes from little britain with the whole 'lady's testicles' pronunciation:P
'that physics lesson was dire'

by Sar June 29, 2004
1. really fuckin out there.

2. liqouring up
man, that chic is fuckin scholey.
I'm gettin scholey TONIGHT!
by sar February 14, 2005
Don't mess with the mess cuz the mess don't mess... the babiest of all my mamas! Sweetest and prettiest thing ever! Don't worry by formal you'll get that C Walk down! ... French/Egyptian lovin! You can cry on me any day!
I know now you're my only hope - Mandy Moore
She puts the Mess in Messy Illiot!!!
by Sar January 16, 2004
A southern girl commonly seen with blue eyes and unnatural hair.

A beautiful woman
Have you seen Sy at greenshadow.com/sy ?
by Sar February 27, 2004

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