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1) A 300+ pound woman who shouts hamburgers out of her bosoms of love.
2)Shriviled up grandpa flabs which have been rubbed down with a mixture of natural oils and ground-up Special K cereal.
1)I hate going over your house 'cause your mom is a mean old gergis.
2)One time an old granps showed some girl his gergi (plural), she died.
by Special Kiddy April 01, 2003
A massive stick of butter used to fight off dangerous koala bears.
Norby (look that up here) - Thank goodness I had my trusty gergis at hand! Otherwise I would have been a gonner.

Nim-Nimz - WOOKiE!
by Gorgie McButter March 31, 2003
N: a person with only nine toenails, more often than not a Crosby, Stills, and Nash fan.
Wow, that is a gergis if i ever saw one.

Damn look at that gergis.
by Butch March 31, 2003
Adj: good lookin' in some parts of West Virginia, or being able to look through keyholes at the same time.
Synonime: Purdy
If my Aunt didn't have a mustache shed be Gergis.
Boy my sister sure is Gergis, cept for the mustache.
by tineekwa April 04, 2003
takin a big ripper on a couch while eating macaroni and cheese
Did you hear that gergis?
by Flubby Mcshaffers April 01, 2003
1) A ridiculously overweight walrus who loves to grind Oat Bran into his abdomen.
I wish I knew where to look for the mythical gergises.
by Rusty Mcshlates March 31, 2003
someone who doesn't sweat much for a fat girl.
She don't sweat much for a fat girl.
by tineekwa April 04, 2003