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17 definitions by Butch

A cartoon robotic detective. He has a seemingly infinite supply of gadgets, like a helicopter blade that come out of his hat allowing him to fly. He fight Dr. Claw along with his neice,Penny, and his very intelligent dog, Brain.
Inspector gadget was a great cartoon too bad they took it off the air, those bastards
by butch November 07, 2004
194 32
Like fancy, only better.
Your Mom's thong is phancy.
by Butch June 01, 2004
36 2
A gathering of fine ladies.
Yo, that party was a phancy pheast!
by Butch June 01, 2004
34 7
I'm not exactly sure what used gravy is, but the concept apparent from the term.

It could be gravy that was on something, congealed, removed, and then put on another food item.
This stuff tastes like used gravy.
by Butch October 14, 2004
21 11
All internet users who type using ebonics.
This new video card is off the shizzle.
by Butch October 13, 2004
20 11
Starred as the man behind the tuskan raider outfit in the starwars trilogy.
suffered a back injury during a maraud raid and failed to complete his dream goal of being a tuskan raider in starwars episode two.
reported skulking the streets of wellington, making tuskan raider sounds.
" ohh man, lets go make ashley colebrooke sounds, HOOOOOOOTHOoTOoHTOoTHoOTHoOTT
by butch March 29, 2005
8 4
a mullet haircut

takem from the website mulletjunkie.com
billy bob beamed as he beheld his squirrel pelt in the mirror
by butch November 17, 2004
2 0