Usually used as another word for a tubgirl, this type of girl usually has been known to have poor hygeine, resulting in blue waffles. When looked upon, most people will notice troll-like features, e.g unshaven armpits, a bastardly stench and usually is spotted to have pus pouring down their legs.
person 1: ew, look at that distgusting creature!
person 2: oh, must be another Georgia then...
#tubgirl #blue #waffles #pus #hygeine
by annabelgal! April 12, 2011
Top Definition
a girl that is so amazingly sexy all guys dribble when they see her.
boy: i've just started dribbling, there must be a Georgia near
#georiga #sexy #dribble #girl #george
by littleboy March 04, 2008
Name-- You are a sarcastic girl, who is loud when with people most comfortable with, but shy when meeting new people. Good in school, no one really hates you. You have friends, and only a couple close friends. Sporty, but you do have a girly side to you. Some one who loves to laugh, smile, and dance around. Creative, has a wild imagination. Many people like you, so don't worry. You have the best name in the world. =D

State-- Nice, cool state. Good people and good food.

GEORGIA (in both terms) IS AWESOME!
Guy 1--I just met some amazing girl.

Guy 2-- Really. What's her name?
Guy 1-- I don't know... All i know is she was funny caring and just... amazing. -sighs-

Guy 2-- You must have met a Georgia.

#georgia #name #state #awesomeness #georgiee
by Georgiee<3 August 29, 2009
Georgia is the place where all the food is deep-fried, mashed, buttered, barbequed, and shot the day before you eat it. The first question you're asked is "what's your last name?" because they somehow know your entire family. Camouflage is the common apparel, sweet tea is the sweetest, and there are as many churches as there are pine trees. You get Florida weather without the Yankees and everyone is friendly. We're not as industrialized as the North and "Georgia snow" is still a common sight, minus the slaves. Oh, and the best part is the accent. Can't find one like that anywhere else.
(strong accent) Well don't you just have the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen! Lord, I bet you're Billy's daughter you look jes lak him. You know, I went to school with him, and my grandma went to school with his mom, and her mother..I got this all the time when I lived in Georgia.
#state #south #usa #sweet tea #bible belt
by Ashbot April 18, 2011
a state that gets waaaaaaaaay too hot & humid in the summer, you can't breathe.
it's hot outside, i must be in georgia
#georgia #hot #humid #summer #state
by sarahbear7607 June 12, 2008
the adventure state. the most beautiful state in the country. i could never live anywhere else.we have great accents, good food, friendly people. everything anyone could want!
georgia!georgia! georgia on my mind.
#the south #southerners #adventure #best state ever #my home
by da trick biatch March 30, 2006
1. A U.S. State in the South established in 1732, known in the past for it's peaches and cruel history of slavery, and now known for it's peaches, racist rednecks, and as a haven for elite strippers; 2. A sovereign Eurasian state in the Caucasus; 3. An overly headstrong woman with a sharp tongue and confrontational demeanor. See also-bitchharpyharridanshrew
"I offered to buy her a drink, and she spat on me, called me a 'misogynist asshole', slapped me, and kneed me in the nuts before walking away yelling that there were no good men left...WHAT A FUCKIN' GEORGIA!"
#state #south #bitch #confrontational #attitude #feisty #controlling
by Ootliagiba May 13, 2010
A state filled with underaged redneck sluts and whores. Also, home of the peaces. Represent.
Person 1- Damn, I just hooked up with 5 girls!

Person 2- We must be in Georgia

Guy 1: Wow, you just made out with ton of girls.

Guy 2: Whenever we're in georgia i can pull a noah
#noah #slut #peaches #whores #skanks #whore houses
by ymcamysundrops July 23, 2011
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