Georgia has blonde hair and is really smart, she always has a big smile and she likes horses and unicorns. She is very wise and she is probably one of the greatest friends ever!
Georgia is so smart
by AngelofLife November 14, 2014
A beautiful girl, Very very nice person. Understandable, Likes to eat Tacos
"That Girl is such a Georgia I wish I what that Perfect"
by rebecca_black_suck_my_ass March 07, 2015
Seems nice when you're "friends" with her, but will turn on you at the snap of a finger when she doesn't get her way. Super fake, doesn't have any friends because she is really mean and bitchy. Annoying laugh, makes fun of everyone for humor. Puts down other girls she is jealous of because she's heavier and uglier than them. Calls every girl that's skinny anorexic because she's jealous. Cakes on makeup to hide the bitch that's within, but ends up showing it anyways. No body likes Georgia but she thinks otherwise. Most hated girl in her class but doesn't realize it. She's just a big bully that does whatever she needs to get her way.
Girl 1: Is that Georgia?

Girl 2: Ew, yeah, quick walk the other way
by clololol March 16, 2015
State in the South-east United states known for peaches and peanuts. In the Summer, this Southern state gets hotter then hell but the girls/guys make up for the heat waves. Atlanta aka ATL the capitol of this state, you can get mugged here just like in NYC just not as often cause this state has alot of friendly people Unless you are some idiot and you walk up into the boondocks where people keep shotguns under their beds but other then that people in Georgia treat you like your one of them.
Guy 1: I heard you went skinny dipping in Georgia

Guy 2: Yeah and damn was that guy with the shotgun crazy
by Directioner234 January 03, 2014
Georgia-a tall, fun, beatiful girl who always has a sunny attitude. She has loads of friends who always stick uo for her and support her. She is a born leader who can always take charge and put a bad situation right. She us comforting as well. If you have any problems go to Georgia, she will help you abd lend you a sholder to cry on.
Georgia is one sexy babe who boys are always in awe of and fall at her feet. If you have lost your boyfriend then you know where you will find him: next to Georgia
Girl 1-Hey have you seen my boyfriend?
Girl 2-Yes, over there next to georgia
by lovemelikeme November 12, 2013
Pretty, but egotistical. Innocent on the outside, inside; a little sexual beast. Falls in "love" quickly, tends to talk to one boy more than once and is not trustworthy.
"Yo dude, some random girl sent me nudes on snapchat, idek who she is!"
"Dude, shes a Georgia."
by tracey barlow April 06, 2014
1- a southern hickish US state. rural Georgia is hick city. the city of atlanta is one that gets a bad rap for being the home of the 'dirty south.' actually, the whole state is dirty. a state that thinks it invented BBQ ribs for some reason.

2- a little country in the Caucus Mountains of Asia. former Soviets. Stalin grew up here.
1- How y'all doin? I'm Billy Bob from Georgia and this is my wife, my cousin Suzy!

2- Joseph Stalin grew up in Georgia- not the American one.
by 2 Of A Kind January 27, 2007

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