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Georgia-a tall, fun, beatiful girl who always has a sunny attitude. She has loads of friends who always stick uo for her and support her. She is a born leader who can always take charge and put a bad situation right. She us comforting as well. If you have any problems go to Georgia, she will help you abd lend you a sholder to cry on.
Georgia is one sexy babe who boys are always in awe of and fall at her feet. If you have lost your boyfriend then you know where you will find him: next to Georgia
Girl 1-Hey have you seen my boyfriend?
Girl 2-Yes, over there next to georgia
by lovemelikeme November 12, 2013
1- a southern hickish US state. rural Georgia is hick city. the city of atlanta is one that gets a bad rap for being the home of the 'dirty south.' actually, the whole state is dirty. a state that thinks it invented BBQ ribs for some reason.

2- a little country in the Caucus Mountains of Asia. former Soviets. Stalin grew up here.
1- How y'all doin? I'm Billy Bob from Georgia and this is my wife, my cousin Suzy!

2- Joseph Stalin grew up in Georgia- not the American one.
by 2 Of A Kind January 27, 2007
Home of the peaches and home of the braves
Georgia the peach state
by jersey kid February 09, 2008
1 - a warm souhern state in the US with good food and nice, friendly people.

2 - the name of a girl who's sarcastic, has a good sense of humour, loves to laugh, thinks outside of the box and enjoys pinacoladas and getting caught in the rain.
1 - woah, i can't wait 'till summer, we're going on vacation to Georgia.

2 - yea, Georgia's awesome!
by georgia (: June 15, 2008
Georgia, someone who has natural beauty, inside and out.
by Ryan Lee Taylor April 08, 2013
The most amazing girl in the world
Amazing as Georgia
by Yo mamas mama nigga February 05, 2013
Georgia is an incredibly gorgeous girl!!!! A very sporty, active girl. She is up for pretty much anything. She is quite loud and smiley around her group of friends, but shy when meeting new people. She doesn't like to be alone as her mind tends to wander over each imperfection she thinks she has, but she just doesn't realise how beautiful of a person she actually is!!!!

She has the most gorgeous blue eyes that anyone could lay there own upon. They are the only feature she will say she actually likes about herself. Great in school, but she isn't quite the sharpest crayon in the pack when it comes to common sense. But that doesn't matter because she has one of the best sense of humors and will have you laughing in no time. If you didn't have her in your life, it would be rather boring!!!!
"She is so gorgeous!!!! She must be a Georgia."

"She has the most captivating blue eyes."
"What's her name?"
"I'm not sure."
"She'll probably be a Georgia."

"Georgia has such good banter. I was literally in stitches, I was laughing so hard!"
by natsotang00 December 14, 2012