a whore, generally sells kebabs and likes black dick.
guy 1 (black): I hear georgia is around town.
guy 2 (white): you better watch yourself, she'll be on your dick within the week.
by whore1919 May 29, 2011
Georgia in this context is a noun.
Definition of a Georgia: A Georgia is someone who says they'll do something and then last minute cancel or not tell you plans have changed.

Everyone should use it as common language.
'I made plans to go to the shops today but jimmy is being a right Georgia. He said he was coming last night then text 30 mins before I was picking him up saying he couldn't make it?! What a fucking Georgia!' 'Bailey said he was coming round at 8:30 to help clean my car. I rang him and text him but he hasn't replied? What a fucking Georgia!
by Supercharged spaniel September 11, 2010
the act of a indie kid (scriv) cumming in a girls face, then she drops her guitar and gets a taxi home
last night i arrived in a taxi, he totally georgia'd me and i ran the fuck off.
by robbie smith January 16, 2008
Whilst sometimes thought to be the name of an American state, this definition refers to a name. Georgia is the name of a girl typically associated with the Australian sub-species of bogans. Typically seen wearing tight pants and with attire typical of the 80's/90's. Georgia's also have a tendency to be poor housekeepers and dishes will often be left unwashed for days.
Person 1: Oh wow, do you ever clean your dishes? Looks like something's living there!
Person 2: Nah I just leave it until I can be bothered.
Person 1: You should've been called Georgia.
by Grant Owen Davies February 28, 2013
In the Canadian dictionary, the word Georgia is a noun for someone who was rejected from all the other 49 states and Guam and made to live in Georgia.
That guy is a Georgia.
Yeah poor guy.
by mazylover November 09, 2008
noun, An annoying or obnoxious person
'Don't be such a Georgia'
by A Knight December 09, 2009
Slang term for getting head. a slang for head is dome...the Atalanta Falcons play in the Georgia Dome. Hint the name Georgia.
That bitch gave me some fine ass Georgia.

Yo son did the chick give you Georgia last night?
by Koos Koos January 12, 2007
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