Slang term for getting head. a slang for head is dome...the Atalanta Falcons play in the Georgia Dome. Hint the name Georgia.
That bitch gave me some fine ass Georgia.

Yo son did the chick give you Georgia last night?
by Koos Koos January 12, 2007
Usually used as another word for a tubgirl, this type of girl usually has been known to have poor hygeine, resulting in blue waffles. When looked upon, most people will notice troll-like features, e.g unshaven armpits, a bastardly stench and usually is spotted to have pus pouring down their legs.
person 1: ew, look at that distgusting creature!
person 2: oh, must be another Georgia then...
by annabelgal! April 12, 2011
1. Hill-Billy Hell
2. A state in the south east United States populated predominantly by rednecks
3. Although they deny it, the majority of the population in this state tends to be close minded, hypocritical, and idiotic.

Georgia Sucks!!!
by adrypharas June 14, 2009
Retarded state which is populated by stuck up old people, annoying young people, and horrible weather. People who get in trouble are sometimes sent to Georgia instead of Prison, because its worse.
Man 1: Go to hell!
Man 2: Oh yeah? Go to GEORGIA!
Man 1: Wow youre mean!
by jorjuhsuxxx April 11, 2009
The Arm Pit of the United States.

Ah... Georgia. Paper mills, nasty sulfur water, pine trees (and little else) as far as the eye can see, polluted rivers, polluted coastal waters, stinky air, biting sand gnats...

And the people? It's like someone gathered all of Jerry Springer's guests together and herded them into one state.

Oh, but what about Atlanta, you say?

During your stay, make sure to visit the Coke Factory and the Aquarium... cause that's about all the positives you're gonna get to balance the experience of being mugged and getting no sleep while listening to sirens blaring all night, then trying to go out the next day to have a good time, but finding that everyone behaves like an asshat.
Brunswick, Georgia. Anyone who's been there knows.
by I escaped! July 10, 2008
A total redneck, hillbilly woman whose dress code is decades behind the times and who doesn't care how many times her hubby cheats on her because she needs help paying the bills so she puts up with anything and everything from her wife-beater, ugly, wussy husband.
Typically, women named Georgia are from hick towns in states such as Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee.
by Ellen Madison September 17, 2010
When people are talking about 'Georgia' they are probably replacing the words 'the greatest girl on Earth' with her name 'Georgia'. Anyone with the name Georgia should come first in this universe but there is one girl, and she knows who she is, that should rule the Earth, but because she is so great, she said she will not take all the power. This is one of the reasons we all bow down to her today.
Person 1: Georgia gave me a sweetie today! :)
Person 2: Georgia is so kind.
Translates to;
Person 1: The greatest girl on Earth gave me a sweetie today! :)
Person 2: The greatest girl on Earth is so kind.
by ox.Georgia.xo July 16, 2007

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