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When people are talking about 'Georgia' they are probably replacing the words 'the greatest girl on Earth' with her name 'Georgia'. Anyone with the name Georgia should come first in this universe but there is one girl, and she knows who she is, that should rule the Earth, but because she is so great, she said she will not take all the power. This is one of the reasons we all bow down to her today.
Person 1: Georgia gave me a sweetie today! :)
Person 2: Georgia is so kind.
Translates to;
Person 1: The greatest girl on Earth gave me a sweetie today! :)
Person 2: The greatest girl on Earth is so kind.
by ox.Georgia.xo July 16, 2007
a girl, usually a mother who will expect too much from her children. this then causes her kids to be out of line and end up mischievous and rebellious. a Georgia only wants to help her children but this will not work, it will only make her children act like psycho animals who will probably end up in jail...
Georgia is a beautiful girl, most likely from the south. She is quiet before she gets comfortable with you, but once you get to know her it would be worth it. Georgia is hilarious and the most kind girl. She is the type who hides her sadness, to make others happy. She doesn't judge people by their looks or the first impression. Georgia may get her heart broken many times, but she is the strongest person you will meet. Letting go of her would be a great loss for you. She also has one of the most amazing bodies you'll see.
"She's the most beautiful and kind girl."

"I know, that's Georgia!"
by Cherry17 November 29, 2013
1.)A country in eastern Europe, which has long history, a high literacy rate (99.7%) and its the place where wine was invented. Georgia's capital city is Tbilisi, the population is about 5 million and the territory is 69 700 square kilometers. Also the second Christian nation (after Armenia), during the 11th-12th century (and the first 25 years of the 13th century) it had all of Transcaucasia under its rule, after that it was conquered by Turks, Persians, Mongols and Russians. From 1918 to 1921 it was independent but the Bolshevik barbarians destroyed its prosperity. In 1991 when the USSR collapsed it became independent again but the Russians don't want to deal with that. Stalin and Beria were Georgians.
2.) A state in southern half of the USA, which was one of the 13 colonies.
1.) I've been to Georgia, it's a good country.
2.) The capital of the state of Georgia is Atlanta.
by Ze Georgian March 23, 2014
Pretty, but egotistical. Innocent on the outside, inside; a little sexual beast. Falls in "love" quickly, tends to talk to one boy more than once and is not trustworthy.
"Yo dude, some random girl sent me nudes on snapchat, idek who she is!"
"Dude, shes a Georgia."
by tracey barlow April 06, 2014
State in the South-east United states known for peaches and peanuts. In the Summer, this Southern state gets hotter then hell but the girls/guys make up for the heat waves. Atlanta aka ATL the capitol of this state, you can get mugged here just like in NYC just not as often cause this state has alot of friendly people Unless you are some idiot and you walk up into the boondocks where people keep shotguns under their beds but other then that people in Georgia treat you like your one of them.
Guy 1: I heard you went skinny dipping in Georgia

Guy 2: Yeah and damn was that guy with the shotgun crazy
by Directioner234 January 03, 2014
Georgia-a tall, fun, beatiful girl who always has a sunny attitude. She has loads of friends who always stick uo for her and support her. She is a born leader who can always take charge and put a bad situation right. She us comforting as well. If you have any problems go to Georgia, she will help you abd lend you a sholder to cry on.
Georgia is one sexy babe who boys are always in awe of and fall at her feet. If you have lost your boyfriend then you know where you will find him: next to Georgia
Girl 1-Hey have you seen my boyfriend?
Girl 2-Yes, over there next to georgia
by lovemelikeme November 12, 2013