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It is a combination of a GOTH and an EMO

Goth= Always wears black, loser, eye shadow, pale looking

Emo= Emotional, wears black, cuts wrist, always sad

Gemo= both
Look at that fricken way dude, thats a gemo
by Nefty May 31, 2006
1. A cross between a G (gangsta) and an emo.
2. Somebody (usually a boy) with the clothes of a G and the hair/makeup of an emo.
The other day I was in the train and I saw the funniest looking gemo.
by blablabla10293u4 May 12, 2009

term for describing a gangsta emo
a person who is gEmo hangs with the gangstas and can crump then goes home and listens to MCR and cutts himself
by -nmO- December 27, 2007
A name given to an emo meaning he/she borders being a goth
emo 1: Look at that goth wearing all black all the time

emo 2: He's not goth he's gemo cos he listens 2 emo music
by GemoJosh July 29, 2006
Someone who is ghetto and emo at the same time

He's wearing a baggy ghetto hoodie and skinny jeans at the same time! He's such a gemo kid.
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
noun: a gay emo.
a homosexual, emotionally depressed male.
Gay Jay is a gemo.
This kid is a such a gemo, WOW, I can't.
by Roberttt August 28, 2006
1. An emo person who dresses ghetto but he also wears really tight skinny jeans

2. An ghetto emo hence 'gemo'

3. Ghetto+Emo=gemo!!!
Zach: Look here comes the Gemo!
Ally: Yeah this one time I twisted my ankle getting a frizbee for the gemo
by Allisin August 28, 2006
a cross between a ganster and an emo, like someone who dresses emo but talks and walks gangster.
"jesus, he dresses like an emo"
'Yeah, but he acts like a gangsta...what a gemo"
by ?>?<? June 29, 2006
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