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A person who is 'Gay' and 'Emo'.
Ayden is so Gemo
by Haphazard August 29, 2008
11 10
A gemo is a gay emo.
That emo kid is so gay. I know he is such a gemo.
by victor n September 03, 2008
0 0
A cross between an emofag and goth.
Hellfire, and his ugly girlfriend are gemo.
by JsT January 22, 2005
76 76
They run slowly and walk even slowe tip toe is basically standing...
When listening to music they look depressed and slowly "head bang" "gangsterly".
Main foods aten- Potatoe (fries) and green tea etc...
Only four poeple are members of the gemos... only two left though, the others were "fired".
Not a job a label.
Lets do the gemo walk.

This the the gemo table so gtfo of here.
by GemoMOFO April 21, 2010
1 2
(G-mo) A cross between goth and emo. Not dark enough to be goth, but not quite emo.
goth + emo = gemo
by jamiej1226 (Jamie) August 05, 2008
8 9
An emo poseur who thinks they're goth.

A wanna-be goth that's just a confused emo kid.
She dresses all black and calls herself gothic but listens to MCR and 30 Seconds to Mars. The bitch is just gemo.
by dopestr33t November 08, 2007
14 16
1. A cross between a G (gangsta) and an emo.
2. Somebody (usually a boy) with the clothes of a G and the hair/makeup of an emo.
The other day I was in the train and I saw the funniest looking gemo.
by blablabla10293u4 May 12, 2009
1 4