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Verb - To aggressively punch a female in the face
Dude 1: "Yo dude Dan got kicked out of the club last night!"
Dude 2: "What did he do?"
Dude 1: "He socked some chick in the face!"
Dude 2: "Dude he totally Geigered her!"
by Ya dude man July 10, 2008
A verb which means to furiously assault a woman's face with a penis.
Nichole stabbed me in the kidney so I gave geigered her.

That geiger left Nichole with severe blood loss.
by furtehlulz September 29, 2011
Geiger: (gī'gər)

(n.) An individual characterized by dedication to the point of obsession and loudness. Additionally, a Geiger tries too hard to be funny, and speaks Spanish quite poorly. may transform at any moment into a brown bean due to avid consumption of coffee
Synonyms: G-man, Coach, Bob, Bobby G
On mornings of track meets, our coach turns into a Geiger.
is a complete grease mongrol. someone or something that is in need of a serious washing or shower. dish soap does not work on such grease. it is dangerous and should be watched carefully.
"omg that girl's hair is so geiger"
by bcimtheboss218 May 19, 2010

1.) To make something oh-mazing. That's right, oh-mazing.

2.) Somebody oh-mazing. Or somebody you want to punch in the face.

3.) A scary noise/exclamation you make.
I'mma geiger up your mother!

That stupid geiger's in for it.

Geiger! Geiger! Geiger! My pants are on fire!
by Lynn.Absynthe September 02, 2008
An alternative term for a woman or man's grundle.
"While I was shocking her, I was tickling her geiger"
by stevie firr September 22, 2008
to suck a black cock
oh my god... he really geigered Jaquan
by kwhattrackstar March 26, 2009
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