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Gangster eggs; Eggs that only the purest of gangster can consume; A word constructed in a game of Scattergories (released 1988)
{Total Gangsta} Your mom's ass is so hot I can fry a gegg on it.
{Lame Noob} Shit yeah!

{Man} God damn, Sam I AM, I will not eat your Green geggs and ham
{Sam} God dammit man I don't give a fuck! Eat these geggs or I'll eat your cock!!

{Disgruntled Gangsta} BITCH! Who FUCKED up my geggs? Get yo' skinny white ass in the kitchen and make me some mo'.
by Gegglovahsfolyf777 December 30, 2008
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Verb. To jump backwards into a hole whilst viewing a snail race. A popular sport in Braintree. Has established itself as a regular event, taking place every Wednesday at your local hole.
"Hey, want to come gegging with me?"
"Yes, I really enjoy leaping into holes!"
by TheGeggMaster May 02, 2005
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A Gegg is the word to describe a bald individual who is gay, it is a portmanteau word which is a combination of the words Gay and Egg.
"Have you seen Glynn the Gegg?" , "There are Geggs everywhere!"
by Grimbian December 20, 2016
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