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Best board game ever. Where there are 12 lists of topics and a big dice with letters on it and you roll the dice and then start the timer and try and fill in as many of the topics as possible with the rolled letter being the first letter.
A typical Scattergories answer:
Topic: Terms of Endearment
Letter: "a"
Answer: "Asshole"!
by le harlot October 01, 2006
2nd base in Christian baseball
I played scattergories with this girl last night. It was so hot.
by accordingtotosh June 29, 2010
A game invented by a male first year associate from Birmingham in the summer of 2013. Popular trivia game played among auditors which involves creative thinking of words associated to certain categorys.

Eg. Colour beginning with M - Matt Black
I'm bored; let's play a game of scattergories.
by Abcd0821 July 25, 2013
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