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To mean something is gay, but not always homosexual. It's queer without the physical implication.

Pronounced with a hard "G" like in the word "great".
Dude, quit being so gee.
by Martin L. June 02, 2005
24 36
a cute country girl all the country boys cant resist.Shes really sweet and caring. Tends to be the romantic type.
I'm such a gee.All the boys tell me I am.
by cutiebitch February 23, 2007
4 17
A retarded or slow person who lacks all the basic social skills needed to survive in the modern world. Although a gee lacks basic civilized knowledge if handled with care and repitition can be trained to complete simple tasks. Often used in the wood work industry as a gee makes a surprisingly accurate spirit level.
You stupid gee!
It wasn't me it was f*ckin gee!
by Princess January 09, 2005
16 29
Gee is the clear part of melted butter that is very good for cooking, roasting and frying. Does not burn as plain butter when subjected to high temperatures.
Use gee to fry your steak for that golden shine and nutty flavour.
by Cartoon November 29, 2004
2 15
Something or someone that is `Jamie-like'.
That guy sitting over there eating jam is so gee!
by Daniel Martin September 14, 2004
2 15
a person that will never go through puberty and his voice will never break. he will always stay small and ugly. he may get a girlfriend to show hes cool.
gee keane
by ***** mum November 26, 2003
5 18
Unpleasant, shitty, gay

therefore, "so-gee" or "soggy" may be related to something that is exceptionally bad.
"There were no chicks at that party, therefore it was gee"
by Skees McGees December 08, 2007
1 15