dirty boyfriend stealing whore.
geeweez took my man.
by Anonyyyyy November 25, 2005
Slang for "Gay" or "Rediculiouse"

Note. This does not refer to the word gay in the sense of homosexuality (for anyone whos on a zealous whine trip)
My shoes are well geeeeeee
by Jane Wilson February 24, 2005
A cooler version of the word "gay."
Michael May is pretty gee!
by Slim Shady February 23, 2004
The strongest opposition to the race of the gay. Gee is to gay as day is to night.
Your Gee (positive statement)
by Lord Gee March 27, 2003
itz a word u can use like no,nobody......
i didnt get it=i gee get it
i dont like it=i gee like it
i like gee like anyone
by geename June 19, 2003
Gee is a replacement for the word gay. It's better than saying the word gay because you cant get in trouble for using in public.
Hey man, stop being gee. Thats not cool. Why do you delight in such geeness.
by Junior March 05, 2005
Gee -
Someone so stupid you hate him, but are still drawn to the pub every week to mock him
'If the squareroot of 100 is 10, then the squareroot for 10 is 1.....'

Fuck me, you're such a mongaloid gee
by Lord Gayhand January 09, 2005

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