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A social networking site for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgenders.


Gaybook is a gay version of Facebook

Gaybook is a gay version of Facebook
by {-.-} March 06, 2012
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Canadian-based social networking site founded the fall of 2008. Based on a simple platform, very similar to Facebook for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community.
Gaybook is a gay version of Facebook
by Jasper-T June 19, 2009
A free Gay Social Network similar to facebook but with an exclusive membership. The site launched in Nicaragua in 2008 then Costa Rica and now has members from all over Latin American Countries.

Q. Where did you guy meet?

A. We met on gaybook
by Hickson January 15, 2009
A website that was created on May 19th, 2012, formerly known as TheGYBook but changed its name after the Moosocial revamp.
I will go to Gaybook, post a new status, update my profile and search for members within my age range, location and sexual orientation.
by gaybook September 23, 2012
A derogatory term for facebook. Used to allude to how people obsessed with facebook begin to abandon all other means of human contact.
Oh, I don't want to go out tonight. I'd rather sit in my room and leave messages on gaybook.
by TheM4ST3R April 09, 2007
A passive way of coming out of the closet on a social networking site.
"Someone from junior high gaybooked me. His profile picture is him in leather chaps."
by Jareau August 13, 2009
facebook - The gayest thing ever created for people to gossip or keep tabs on people. They use this tool to communicate or add pictures of last weekend when they got three different STD's It is similar to gay-space but gayer in every possible way.
Person 1: OMG did you see the pictures of us I put on gaybook last night!?

Person 2: No I don't have gaybook I am surprised you called me instead of searching for me on gaybook

Person 1: Oh! I looked and looked for you on gaybook but then realized I would have to talk to you face to face when I figured you didnt have it!
by Tistial August 05, 2008

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