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The most overpowered class since TBC. They have a CC, Unable to CC, Impossible to Shatter except with Ice lance, Never run out of mana, Instant heal. Shapeshift out of dots and immobilizing effects.
Dude 1: Dude I mana burned that Resto druid for two minutes!

Dude 2: Too bad he used innervate and then turned into cat after I put 5 dot's on him. QQ
by Tistial August 05, 2008
facebook - The gayest thing ever created for people to gossip or keep tabs on people. They use this tool to communicate or add pictures of last weekend when they got three different STD's It is similar to gay-space but gayer in every possible way.
Person 1: OMG did you see the pictures of us I put on gaybook last night!?

Person 2: No I don't have gaybook I am surprised you called me instead of searching for me on gaybook

Person 1: Oh! I looked and looked for you on gaybook but then realized I would have to talk to you face to face when I figured you didnt have it!
by Tistial August 05, 2008

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