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When a female/male kneels behind a male while he is standing and has an erection. The kneeling person reaches between his legs and grabs his erection like a microphone, pulling it down, then sticking their thumb up his ass with the same hand. Then they squeeze their hand tight, not unlike that of a gas pump handle.
"Last night she gave me the Gas Pump so much I think Exxon made money."
by Chaindive August 04, 2007
The act of urinating in a female orifice while achieving maximum penetration. Please do not smoke cigarettes or use your cell phone during this activity. It is not a hazard to your health but it is just rude.
I was so drunk,I couldn't tell if I came or gave her a gas pump.
by fivecocksatwilcox July 03, 2005
A person who needs to have his/her gas PumPed; Someone from Dunmore, PA; An L7
That fucker is such a gas PumP....
by Hip March 28, 2003
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